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Why a Relaxed Brain is More Likely to be Creative

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 4.22.54 PMSleeping relaxes our brain and allows it to make new connections and neural pathways. Creativity happens when those alternative networks process information in new way. The same dynamic is at work when we are playing. Because playing puts aside our rational mind it opens up the door to our deeper creative potential. Play is therefore a factor of creativity and opens us up to the possibility of breakthroughs because it disconnects us from the exclusive and dominant nature of logic, Play is necessary for the survival of an organization because it unleashes and strengthens our problem-solving abilities and resilience as nothing else can.

 Do These 3 Things Before Bed to Hack Your Creativity While You Sleep

Learning About the New Business Paradigm from Generation Y

In March of 2010 I took a Virgin Air flight from Los Angeles to New York and mid-flight (thanks to Virgin’s on-board Internet access) I sent an email to my friend Max to get some feedback on a couple of projects I was working on. Max emailed me right back and said I really should get in touch with Jeff Rosenthal, whom he helpfully copied on the return email. Jeff is one of the co-founders of Summit Series, a community of millennial entrepreneurs that is redefining the relationship between business, politics, and philanthropy in a way that illustrates the dynamics of a new business paradigm. By the time I landed in New York Jeff and I had traded several emails sharing what we each do and are passionate about and he had put me in touch with the woman who would soon become the literary agent for my upcoming book, The Intuitive Compass (Jossey Bass, Oct 2011) . This experience made me curious to learn more about Summit Series, their goals, beliefs, and achievements, and what lessons they can offer to today’s business leaders. Read More