SQUIRCLE: A New Way To Think For A New World

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Publisher: SQUIRCLE ACADEMY, 2020

At a historical time when probably more than ever we need to rethink the way we think, SQUIRCLE offers a fresh sustainable path forward and a decisive business competitive advantage.

– Caroline Brown, Managing Director, Investment Firm Closed Loop Partners, New York City, NY

SQUIRCLE is the book for those of us who suspected logical analysis may not provide all the solutions in life. It is not just a thought-provoking resource and a workbook for women; it is a must-read for physicians, for scientists and for leaders in all fields. May the book fascinate many, many new readers!

– Mathias Stelzner, MD, FACS, Profesor of Surgery & Department Chair, University of California at Los Angeles/VA Greater Los Angeles

When I first discovered SQUIRCLE I immediately thought: “This is what women business owners need today.”

– Hilary Lentini, California Women’s Leadership Expert, Founder and Creative Director, Lentini Design and Marketing, Los Angeles, CA

My direct reports and I worked with Francis. We all embraced a SQUIRCLE mindset. I saw my team of finance and IT executives transform in front of my eyes over a two-day offsite.

– Olivier Leonetti, Chief Financial and Chief Technology Officer, Zebra Technologies, Chicago, IL

My career started in media and I work today in entertainment. Both industries keep being disrupted. Personal reinvention is daily routine. From first-hand experience SQUIRCLE is both fun and effective and made a radical difference in the way I now adapt to change.

– Philippe Guelton, President and Head of VOD Networks, Crackle Plus TV and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, New York City, NY




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Publisher : Jossey-Bass, 2012

The Intuitive Compass demonstrates that intuitive intelligence is an essential tool and shows us how to re-wire the way we think to take into holistic consideration the necessary interdependence between business, nature, society and culture. A must read for the curious mind.

– Jochen Zeitz, Executive Chairman of PUMA,
Chief Sustainability Officer of PPR

The Intuitive Compass is not just a concept, it works! I had a first-hand experience working with Francis and his methodoly is both fun and effective. He has decoded the new meaning of success for individuals and organizations in the new economy. In particular, this book is a must read for anyone looking to reinvent legacy business models through creative and sustainable

– Philippe Guelton, Executive VP and COO, Hachette Filipacchi Media US

Francis Cholle’s insights into the radical changes the business world is undergoing are invaluable. I highly recommend to follow the bold direction he’s guiding us into.

– Mark Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal USA

The intuitive compass is a revolutionary new tool for the managerial decisionmaking process. Its use will significantly impact the ability of managers to create new solutions in the ever changing business environment. For managers who want to increase their creativity and the ability to look at issues through a new lens, the intuitive compass is invaluable.

– Keith Weigelt, Rebecca and Morris Marks Professor and Professor of Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Working with Francis Cholle has been more than exciting. It is always very interesting and very stimulating. His approach helps reach the root cause of any business challenge and it systematically enriches any thought process with a lot of depth and rich perspectives. I only wish i had met him earlier in my career.

– Guillaume De Lesquen, Worldwide President Ralph Lauren Fragrances

I was fortunate enough to meet Francis Cholle in 2009, introduce him into our company, and experience The Intuitive Compass in action. This game changing approach to rethinking your business allowed us to re-invent ourselves and break the mold of the past. Despite economic volatility we grew revenue streams profitably, increased our share of the market, and created new opportunities. We now have a successful, innovative team poised to leverage a sea of opportunities in the digital marketplace. I strongly recommend his work and urge you to engage The Intuitive Compass.

– Nick Matarazzo, CEO, Jumpstart Automotive Group


Publisher : China Machine Press, 2012

With The Intuitive Compass, Francis Cholle has developed a breakthrough model for sparking creative thinking and guiding better decision-making. It is simple to comprehend and use while honoring the complexity of human nature. The best of any business should come into clearer view when following the innovative paths such an original framework makes available.

– Roy Pea, David Jacks Professor of Education and Learning Sciences, Stanford University

The lives we live are a direct function of the decisions and choices we make. Innumerable books have been written on the process of why and how we take decisions or for that matter feel, act and react. What strikes one the most after reading The Intuitive Compass is the lucid and effortless way it leads the reader’s mind to look into his/her decision making system- prodding one to reflect that though we recognized the role of the gut or intuition in our lives but rarely acknowledge the same in public spaces. This conscious denial of a subconscious gift is a powerful mirror that we hold up in our hands while reading this book. The well articulated role of play and how it needs to flow into work, the benefits of sometimes circumventing reason to tap into our reservoir of creativity are not very “comfortable” suggestions for minds trained to revere reason, logic and tangibles. I love the way the content pushes the reader out of his/her comfort zone to question, reflect, learn and experience; the book caters to this whole process and at the same time doesn’t favor/disfavor any view with force. This is what encourages individual belief, leaving each one to choose for themselves. Really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas and creativity- may the world play with it! Francis Cholle’s book is a gift to the restless world.

– Brij Bakshi, Director of India’s National Public Television Broadcaster (Doordarshan)

With the Intuitive Compass Francis Cholle presents a revolutionary new approach to unlock the incredible human potential for innovation and creation in any form. Cholle’s insights are both compelling and clear and the results he has helped us achieve at Matrix are outstanding!

– Colin Walsh, Vice President / General Manager Matrix

The fast, aggressive competition of today requires enterprises to unleash and stimulate creative thinking (and feeling!) to win. Francis Cholle completely gets where the business is going and knows how to guide leaders to get there. The Initiative Compass makes it tangible, actionable and scalable.

– Eric Thoreux, CMO, Essilor Group Worldwide, Executive President, Sun & Readers Division

As a physician moving into the medical device industry after 20 years of practice in a University hospital, I was in dire need for a mentor. Francis guided my first steps in this new world and helped me understand how to use my emotion and instinct dominated mind in a rational corporate environment. His original holistic approach and rich background were instrumental to make this transition successful.

– Christian Spaulding, M.D. Worldwide Vice President Medical Affairs



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Publisher : Eyrolles, 2007

Francis Cholle and I first met during a reception at the TED Conference where I quickly realized he was the Al Gore of Creativity; evangelizing an “inconvenient truth” of an altogether different kind — that creativity was actually declining at an alarming rate. The Intuitive Compass is a sure path business leaders can use to guide them towards innovation, disruptive thinking and the creative atmosphere necessary to succeed in today’s disorienting business climate.

– Mike Lundgren, partner Director of Strategy and Innovation, VML Young and Rubicam

The current transformative and transitioning business climate mandates change for any company to survive and thrive. Francis Cholle’s innovative, holistic approach to business in the 21st Century enables companies to re-think, re-tool and re-invent, ensuring success.

– Deborah Burns, CMO HFM US, Managing director American Media International Ventures

So essential in building strategies intuition is a talent we need to nurture everyday. In this stimulating book, Francis helps us brilliantly to do so!

– Mercedes Erra, Founder of BETC, Executive chairman of Euro RSCG World Wide

Francis Cholle’s approach helped Firmenich enormously in re-engineering our focus on creativity with a unique new perspective. The Intuitive Compass makes tangible the intangible and by doing so it helps to inspire and lead creative teams to an optimal level of performance.

– Jerry Vittoria, President, Fine Fragrances, Firmenich North America

The Intuitive Compass is helpful for better decision making. It is a very valuable model to succeed in the fast changing and complex environment of the new economy.”
– Nicholas Kachaner, Senior Parnter & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

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