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Companies today must constantly adapt to a rapidly changing economic landscape. The smartest way to address these challenges is to boost their creativity by changing the way managers and employees work and think, and ultimately by shifting their approach to value creation.

Tapping into their intuitive potential leaders can bring about this creative revolution and enable companies to thrive in disruption. This course shows you how using the Intuitive Compass® can help unleash any company’s capacity for innovation.

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Our Proprietary Model

The Intuitive Compass®:
A new GPS for a new world

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The Intuitive Compass® — a new GPS for a new world™— provides a framework to enhance complex decision making and complex problem solving. It illustrates how people can channel the power of their instinct through play in order to innovate, disrupt, adapt, change, become more resilient and overall perform at their peak in today Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment.
It has helped companies evolve their culture, improve team performance, merge companies, succeed with open innovation, accelerate business transformation or reinvent their business model. It has proved an agnostic tool in terms of country, size or industry of the company.
The Intuitive Compass® is designed to help organizations thrive in the new economy while enhancing the sustainability of our practices. More than 150,000 executives and business students from more than 50 countries in five continents have been using or studying it.

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The Intuitive Compass

About Intuitive Intelligence and The Intuitive Compass™

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