We Help Our Clients Thrive In Disruption

We make radical change both possible and scalable.

We engage intuitive intelligence, a largely untapped, essential part of human potential to bring about this profound change.

We help leaders hone this mindset fundamental to the new business environment and develop a practice, culture and organization to sustain it.

Within less than a year our Fortune 500 clients have:

  • Outperformed their market by double digits,
  • Reinvented failing business models to reach profits above industry average,
  • Received international creativity awards,
  • Changed their company culture to facilitate a successful digital transformation.

Intuitive intelligence reconciles the rational mind and instinct to create a unique mindset and allows people to:

  • Solve complex issues faster yet with more ease and less resources
  • Collaborate more effectively and perform better in spite of chaos
  • Lead decisively and innovate in the midst of uncertainty

We work with the following four-step process:



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Through stakeholders interviews using our proprietary model The Intuitive Compass™ we assess how much the company is switched on to thrive in disruption. We review four dimensions: leadership, culture, strategies to market, and business model.


The understanding that we are deep within naturally wired to thrive in disruption cannot be taught. It lies beyond reason and the conscious mind. This realization can only come through experience. We use business games to awaken this dormant potential and design innovative solutions.


Even if the approach we offer has a natural simplicity it is not necessarily easy to apply. It requires trial and error as well as practice. We focus on fighting individual and group inertia through mindfulness, play and purpose driven value creation to accelerate change.


For change to last there needs to be specific structural elements in place. This involves new rituals, symbols, intuitive attitudes towards success and risk as well as innovative management processes that deconstruct our traditional ideas of leadership and business.