About This Blog: Using Intuitive Intelligence to Create Sustainable Business Value

When I first became involved in researching intuitive intelligence and its relationship to business, I was surprised to discover the disconnect between what leaders wanted to doinnovate and create sustainable valueand what they actually accomplishedscarce innovation and unsustainable value.Often they were doing everything right (by the book) and still failing.As I studied the root cause of these failures, a common thread appeared over and over again, and still appears today. Executives manage their companies in analytic ways, focusing on shareholder value. By focusing on the business results, they fail to do what is required to achieve the very results they desire. They can’t engage their key stakeholders, whether employees or customers.

Two essential truths about human nature are deeply overlooked in most companies:

  • Our minds are essentially unconscious (80% of our grey matter is dedicated to subconscious thinking)
  • Play gives access to our unconscious

Now we know that:

  • Most
    innovative solutions are limited by our analytical minds, because our
    analytical mind knows only what it knows
  • Creativity originates in our unconscious. Breakthrough ideas often elude the rational mind
  • People can rise above their perceived limits when they are inspired

Our western approach to
education, work, collaboration, or solutions for the future is
dominantly led by rational thinking. We have handicapped ourselves.

Our intuitive aptitudes enable us to notice and take in information which may not make
sense to the rational mind. This is our gateway to new and paradoxical
information. They are the conduit to creative ideas.

Intuitive intelligence is the ability to combine
our analytical mind with our intuitive aptitudes to solve problems
in an
innovative way and succeed in the new economy.

Because we now live in a network
based society consumers have gained an active voice in our businesses.
Relationships with consumers are on a reciprocal basis. We need to
speak to their minds, their emotions and their guts. Authenticity is now
at the heart of commerce. Advertising is about creating relevant narratives for
consumers as much as it is about factual information about products and

We must respect our ecosystems and understand that business is part of an interconnected global web.

These are the primary reasons why I authored the book Intuitive Intelligence, and its application model The Intuitive Compass™.

In this blog I will share my ideas and findings about how to use intuitive intelligence to innovate and create sustainable value in order to succeed in this new, ever-shifting economy.

We’ll look at how and why our intuition is often a better guide to problem-solving than reason alone.

We’ll explore ways to use The Intuitive Compass™ and make a difference – in business strategy, leadership, innovative work culture, consumer intelligence, and product development.

Won’t you join us on this journey?

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