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Disruptive Thinking is Really the Way We Are Reinventing the Future

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 5.17.39 PMDisruptive thinking often meets with resistance from those who encounter it; nevertheless it is this way we are reinventing the future and shaping our path to new breakthroughs and discoveries. Elon Musk is someone who epitomizes transformation. From his first of a kind space company, SpaceX, his trailblazing electric car company, Tesla Motors, to his proposed solar-powered Hyperloop intercity transporter, Musk’s ideas are intended not merely to challenge convention but to shatter it.

SpaceX Just Unveiled Its Brand-New Capsule For Taking Astronauts To Space


Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Founder and Serial Disrupter

Jack Ma, Founder, AlibabaBefore proving to the world his ability to be a serial disrupter, Jack Ma first started as an English teacher. In his own words: “innovations in many industries have been triggered by outsiders”.  Why? Simply because in most organizations, intellectual inertia prevents teams from being truly innovative. Addressing the issue, Mr Ma went even further, thinking holistically, and creating China’s own Amazon, Paypal, Groupon, DropBox, twitter, spotify & Hulu.

The Unlikely Ascent of Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Founder