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Challenge: Rejuvenate creative culture and strengthen creative leadership in industry.

Result: Firmenich won more industry awards than ever before and its success rate with clients has been historical since then.

Testimonial: Francis Cholle’s approach helped Firmenich enormously in re-engineering our focus on creativity with a unique new perspective. The Intuitive Compass makes tangible the intangible and by doing so it helps to inspire and lead creative teams to an optimal level of performance.
Jerry Vittoria,
President, Fine Fragrances, Firmenich North America

Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren

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Challenge: Revitalize RLF Fragrances worldwide.

Result: We developed a 70 million dollar franchise from the ground up, which became the best performing fragrance brand in the L’Oréal portfolio. It moved from radical decline (-24% in 2009) to substantial growth (+10% in 2010) and outperformed in the global market.

Testimonial: Working with Francis Cholle has been more than exciting. It is always very interesting and very stimulating. His approach helps reach the root cause of any business challenge and it systematically enriches any thought process with a lot of depth and rich perspectives. I only wish i had met him earlier in my career.
Guillaume de Lesquen
Worldwide President Ralph Lauren Fragrances


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Challenge: Boost innovation and reinvent company business model.

Result: Thanks to a complete revamping of the work culture, HFM US moved from loss to profitability in less than 12 months. Company Innovation Lab developed original digital solutions for its clients; one of them was a highly innovative application for non-professional video users, which immediately ranked #6 on the App Store without any marketing budget nor promotion. One division registered 27% yearly growth in sales.

Testimonial: The Intuitive Compass™ is not just a concept, it works! I had a first-hand experience working with Francis and his methodology is both fun and effective. He has decoded the new meaning of success for individuals and organizations in the new economy. Anyone looking to reinvent legacy business models through creative and sustainable innovation should work with him and his model.
Phillipe Guelton,
Executive VP and COO, Hachette Filipacchi Media US